Fun Accounting for Preschoolers is a proud sponsor of accounting for preschoolers kits for the Clarksville Montgomery County Education Foundation Kinder-Kits.
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Fun Accounting for Preschoolers
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Fun Accounting Vision

What is FUN Accounting for Preschoolers?

            FUN Accounting is a money management program designed by Maria Jimenez for children ages 3-5. Currently, it consists of one book and one workbook. The program will be expanded to include 12 sets of books and accompanying workbooks.

The program is based on a sequential presentation of concepts based on the Common Core Curriculum Standards. It is a fun hands-on way for your child to develop skills that will benefit them in the future. It is currently the only program of its kind to be placed in the Financial Literacy Clearinghouse list and the TN Stars College Saving by the Tennessee State Treasurer and is used by many local daycare, Head Start Program, Clarksville Montgomery County School System Leaning Center, USO Fort Campbell, and others.  Since its creation in April 2012, the program has reached approximately 4,800 children in our community.

How does the program work?

            In today’s world, children see their parents making purchase online and with plastic cards. They do not connect this payment method with the physical money in the bank or know where the money comes from, yet they hear their parents discussing money a large percentage of the time. They know it’s important, but they don’t understand it. FUN Accounting teaches preschoolers the foundations for a financially fit future just as our schools teach letters as the foundations for reading and writing.

            The books teach children to recognize various forms of currency and to know their value by relating money to things they can understand such as candy and toys. The ultimate goal of the program is to ensure our children know the value of saving and that if they have $5, they can’t spend $6. FUN Accounting gives children the tools and skills they need for a better tomorrow.




FUN Accounting For Preschoolers Parent Guide

1. Put your child’s name and the current date in the front of the book. This makes the experience more personal for your child.

2. Read the tips for parents at the beginning of the book.

3. Introduce your child to concepts such as money and savings.

4. Use the table at the end of the books to reward your child for saving money. This serves as a positive reinforcement and will ensure your child has good memories about saving money.

5. Use the book as many times as you and your family would like. Make copies of the table at the end of the book to reuse. Each time your child fills the chart, they have saved $210.

For more information, visit Books and workbooks are available for purchase on the site. The workbook contains a year’s worth of materials and comes with a certificate of completion.

Customer Service: (931) 552-7704
2150 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Suite # H
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Our vision at Fun Accounting for Preschoolers is to equip our children with the necessary tools to reach their financial freedom.


Accounting is everywhere, and in everything. Teaching these principles to our children is an amazing experience. Teaching them money management at an early age is not only a gift we are giving them but a tool for them to succeed. We are making history by changing their patterns at an early age. We are going to see the result in 10 - 20 years (a new generation). This is what we will see in our future: young men and women thinking before they make purchases, men and women with control over their finances and children saving for college.