Fun Accounting for Preschoolers
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                                                Maria J Jimenez Biography 

Since 1994 Maria Jimenez has been exposed to the accounting field providing her with 19 years of valuable experience. However, in 2009, Maria’s career took a different leap forward when she earned her Associate degree in Accounting from Daymar Institute Clarksville, TN. After completing this achievement she moved forward to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree from Bethel University in 2011 Clarksville, TN. While she was working at Jimenez Consulting and Tax Service Clarksville, TN she was preparing herself to take the Certified Public Accountant test and is currently working as an Accounting    instructor at Daymar Institute.  Maria Jimenez has a passion for education that kept her going back to school. In 2013 she graduated with a Master in Accountancy degree from the University of Phoenix. The more she learned the more she wanted to give back to the community and that is why Fun Accounting for Preschoolers exists. 

Fun Accounting for Preschoolers is a series of books divided by volumes that teaches a money management program to 3 - 5 years old.

“The financial crisis in the world burns Maria Jimenez’s heart with a need to do something to make this a better place for all of us. Thousands of people got hurt by losing their jobs, houses and financial stability. Now what can one person do to make a difference and contribute to rebuild our country’s finances? The idea of presenting accounting at the preschooler level is her way to contribute to our future and equip our children to be in control of their finances at an early age. There is an urgent need to reach out and teach our children about money management”

Fun accounting for preschoolers became the first of its kind to be placed on the Financial Literacy Clearinghouse List and TN Stars College Saving 529 Program. 

Currently this program is used by the Head Start Program-Montgomery County, TN, Clarksville Montgomery County School System Learning Center, TN. The program has been placed in several private daycare as a part of their curriculum. In addition the USO Fort Campbell opened it’s the doors for the program to be introduced to military families.

Maria J Jimenez resides with her husband Norberto Jimenez Jr. and their son Joshua Jimenez in Clarksville, TN. Maria is actively seeking her next professional challenge.

“There is no secret formula to accomplish a goal. It is based on hard work, perseverance, discipline, sacrifices, commitment, and dedication. A mix of all of these can provide the necessary characteristics to achieve any dream”                                                                                                                                 Maria J Jimenez