Fun Accounting for Preschoolers
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Suggested Activities


Suggested ways to help children save money at an early age.

  • Give kids pocket change or allowance for good behavior, answering math questions correctly, or doing simple chores like picking up toys at the end of playtime. These things teach discipline, rewards, and savings.

  • Use piggy banks, real banks, Ira’s, bonds, or college savings plans.

  • Use the chart at end of book by using stickers to place over dollar amounts in chart as you get the amounts in each box.

Suggested ways to assist in practicing math principles of addition.

  • Try to explain greater than and less than values using coins and bills.

  • Use math sheets provided on website to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

  • Give kids toys, candies, or anything that can be counted individually. Add or take away items and assist in counting.

 Recognize money and its use in the real world.

  • Practice buying things with children at home such as toys, candies, etc. (Use real values)

  • Show children different coins/bills and explain their value.

  • Introduce trading to children by using toys, coins, food, etc.